My journey into hypnosis began with a need to help people. 

I was first inspired to find a way to help because of my wife. She is involved with several mental health and eating disorder charities, which have a profound impact on us. I was desperate to find something that could help people that were struggling, because of the crippling impact that mental health and eating disorders have on so many people. So, I started to look at ways that I could add to the work she was doing, ways that I too could make a difference.


After doing some research, I discovered hypnosis and the powerful changes users can get, sometimes even instantaneous results. I was amazed by the benefits and results that people were getting, seeing that people were getting their lives back after struggling for so long.


Seeing this, I was hooked, and I devoured every bit of information I could find. I trained with the best hypnotists in the world to build a skill set that allows me to help others to take control of the things in their life that they cant seem to get a handle on. Seeing how much of a difference I have made in people's lives gives me an immense sense of joy, knowing that I have helped people to become happier and lead more comfortable, positive lives. 

  • Certified Professional Hypnotist - ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy)





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